Opti-Men, 180 Tablets
Rp 450,000
Beli Adding

Opti-Men 90ct by Optimum  Nutrition


Based on the quality and focus of the weight lifting supplements that have been released onto the market thus far, a person would be forgiven for assuming that the manufacturers of these products were solely concerned with high volume distribution. There have been growing concerns that the majority of weight lifting and muscle development supplement products have been produced with a “one size fits all” perspective, which has been condemned by critics as being wholly unsuitable for ensuring the maximum results for the individual body builder.

The Opti-Men has been specifically designed to accommodate and take into consideration, the physiological and hormonal differences that exist between males and females; and this is plainly reflected in the choice of ingredients to be found within the Opti-Men supplement. The following is a brief synopsis of some of the ingredients found within the Opti-Men product:


  • Glutamine: glutamine is one of the most essential components within the muscle building process, as it is the amino acid that is utilised within the bulk of the strains of protein for the synthesising and production of new muscle tissue. In addition, glutamine is a fundamental component which is used to aid and facilitate the process of anabolism in addition to the provision of an energy source for cells.
  • Citrus bioflavonoids: citrus bioflavonoids is the collective, umbrella term used to encompass a myriad of different agents that all provide the same essential process: the efficient acceleration of the metabolic rate of the body. This means that not only are larger quantities of fat burned and consumed at any given time but furthermore, there is more energy provided to the cells as well.
  • Brached-Chain Amino Acids: commonly abbreviated to BCAA’s, these amino acids are designed to aid in the repairing and production of lean muscle tissue, in addition to the repair of damaged tissue. This will be of particular relevance and significance to athletes who will have to expose their muscles to an already rather gruelling and punishing regime.

The Opti-Men supplement has been specifically designed to ensure that male athletes get the nutrients and minerals that they require, in the manner that they need them most.