MyoFeed, 5 Pounds
Rp 770,000
Flavor : Chocolate
Beli Adding

Inarguably one of the most important nutrients an athlete can consume, we at Purus Labs have always considered whole protein as a supplemental cornerstone. Until recently, however, we weren't aware of the dire need for a quality manufactured commodity item such as this. We listened to you, heeded your pleas, and addressed the issue head-on by assembling a tiered-absorption, amino acid-rich nutrient profile that goes beyond simple whey protein. Myofeed has absolutely no amino spiking. You can view the Certificate of Analysis of every bottle of Myofeed with Clear facts made available to you. Myofeed is a premium blended protein that tastes great with a sprinkling of natural cookie pieces or real fruit chunks for well, because who doesn't like cookie pieces.