Pro Platinum 100% Whey Isolate, 3.1 Pounds
Rp 640,000
Flavor : Chocolate
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A faster whey for faster results.

Most athletes and lifters know that Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) provides fast absorption, high levels of BCAAs and low levels of fat, sugar and carbs. This makes WPI an ideal protein to support muscle building and performance.* With the development of PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE, MHP has made WPI even better, faster and more incredibly delicious with a creamy, thick milkshake flavor.

MHP’s new PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE boasts a proprietary combination of Micronparticulation and Biohydrolysis Technologies that speeds its absorption, digestion and delivery to muscle tissue. Acting in concert, these two technologies reduce the size of the protein particles in PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE to less than 1/5th that of a typical protein and speed the digestive reaction with the powerful Biohydrolase enzyme matrix. This allows the protein to be rapidly broken down into di-peptides, tri-peptides and free form amino acids and absorbed faster, resulting in enhanced muscle building and recovery.*

Muscles need high-quality protein. So feed them the best – the one that’s faster than the rest. Enjoy a creamy, mouthwatering PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE any time you need an immediate muscle building boost. Each serving provides 25 grams of protein and only 125 calories. Don’t make your muscles wait. Give them the faster whey: MHP’s PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE.*


Whey makes for a great protein choice for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts due to its fast digesting nature, complete amino acid profile and rich quantity of muscle building branched chain amino acids. In the development of PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE, MHP has achieved their goal in delivering the great taste of whey protein isolate at the speed of hydrolyzed whey protein. This is accomplished by using the exclusive advanced Micronparticulation and Biohydrolyzed Technologies.*

Experience The Speed of Biohydrolyzed Protein!

Speed is the name of the game for whey protein supplements. A relatively new protein technology being used by athletes is supplementation with hydrolyzed proteins (peptides). Peptides commonly consist of 2-3 amino acids linked together. Unlike whole proteins, peptides do not need to be broken down and are rapidly absorbed for use by the body. In fact, they are actually absorbed even faster than single free form amino acids due to their affinity for specific transport mechanisms in the intestines. Ultimately, this results in a greater anabolic muscle building response.*

However, the problem with peptides is that they are incredibly bitter, resulting in a bad tasting drink. In development of PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE, MHP scientists have managed to circumvent this dilemma by using an advanced Biohydrolysis Technology. MHP’s Biohydrolase Technology is designed to mimic the hydrolysis process inside the body with a customized blend of protein-specific hydrolyzing enzymes. Clinical research suggests that Biohydrolase breaks down whey protein in the digestive system and rapidly cleaves off the di-peptides, tri-peptides and free form amino acids, resulting in a substantial increase in protein absorption and a spike in blood amino acids for superior muscle building potential.* Furthermore, PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE’s Micronparticulation Technology reduces protein particle size by as much as 1/5th the size of a typical protein particle, increasing surface area by 5x. This advancement results in greater enzyme concentration for greater absorption.

PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE offers athletes an amazing tasting and groundbreaking technology that matches the absorption speed of hydrolyzed proteins without the bitter aftertaste!


PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE is a highly refined and pure form of whey protein. PRO PLATINUM 100% WHEY ISOLATE uses a triple microfiltration process and only has trace amounts of sugar, fat, lactose and cholesterol. This is in stark contrast to typical whey protein concentrates that contain only 80% protein content and have much higher amounts sugar, fat, cholesterol and lactose. For purity and efficacy, this is the whey protein for you!